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A Doula who Shoots

At the beginning of this year I began offering clients a photography add-on to doula services. Since the very first birth I attended, I've always taken photos for clients with their own camera or phone, but was often frustrated with the quality of images or inability to take photos in low light without flash (and boy do I hate nothing more than flash in a brand new baby's eyes).

There are some lovely and talented birth photographers in the New England area, but many of the hospitals I work in have a strict "2 support person" rule, which leaves no room for a partner, doula and birth photographer. It is also often cost prohibitive for couples bringing a new baby into the world to hire both a doula and a photographer, so I decided to work on doing both.

The challenge, of course, is that I am a doula first and photographer second. Supporting the mother in labor is my top priority. I keep my camera close by, but am unable to capture each and every special moment. It's getting easier though, these images are from the third birth I've been both doula and photographer at. It was a lovely, peaceful homebirth on a gorgeous sunny morning.

The majority of photos happen after baby is born. I love being able to tell the story of parents meeting their baby for the first time, and it's a bonus if I catch that look on mom's face that says "I did it!"

Happy Birthday, baby girl! And well done, mama!

All photos shared with permission. Copyright Footprints Doula Services, 2015.

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